Asliður alla,
Valhallar visir,
Makt i rötter, virat ska.
Makt i rötter, vt ska.


Wise one, high one, giver of runes
and spiller of poet’s wit;
grace me with wisdom, that I may see glory
and blood swans whisper my deeds.

Though the slain-hall escapes me or so I can see,
I seek my honor still.
Inspire me, that I may weave my thoughts,
and feed the wolves if you will.

“Ase is the olden-father,
Asgard’s chieftain,
And the leader of Valholl.”
-Icelandic rune poem

Weaver of words may spare the blood-worm,
though no fleeing coward is he.
While brutes flail about, pounding their chests,
he wades through victorious and unscathed.

The wise seek not the sword at first sign
of conflict, but keep it close.
Words may sway anger, and quell the storm,
But for certain one cannot know.

“River-mouth is the way of most journeys,
But a scabbard of swords”
-Norwegian rune poem

The elder’s words oft carry great weight,
As ages have passed through his eyes.
His lessons hold value; like treasure they are, 
as only seen by the wise.

Let not the pride of youth overshadow,
the value of sound advice,
Though one may see himself at the peak,
the valley is one wrong step away.

“Mouth is the chieftain of all speech.
Mainstay of wisdom, comfort to wise ones,
for every noble earl hope and happiness”
-Anglo-Saxon rune poem


Asliður alla,
Valhallar visir,
Makt i rötter, virat ska.
Makt i rötter, vt ska.


Number: 4

Phonetic Value: A

Literal Meaning: Aesir-God/Odin/Mouth

Associations: Wisdom, Authority, Speech


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