Ge mig rätta rörelser,
Reiðr, för bekväma färder.

Raido, rune of journey, swift and true. Guide me to the swiftest route; bring me to my destination in good health and joy.

“Riding is the joy for the rider
and a speedy journey,
and the labor of the horse.”
-Icelandic rune poem

As the trained smith knows the perfect moment to strike with his hammer, may my actions be right and precise. With accuracy behind me, I am guided to success. Let the road be with me, and my actions made with wisdom.

“Riding is said to be worst for horses;
Regin forged the best sword.”
-Norwegian rune poem

As the horse carries one, the chariot carries several. Raido is the vehicle of motion, not only for one, but for many. A family, a community, a nation; all could see greatness on a well-guided route. The way to success is not always ridden with ease, and the strenuous journey brings great experience.

“Riding is in the hall for a warrior
soft, more strenuous when astride
a great stallion pounding the long mile paths”
-Anglo-Saxon rune poem

Ge mig rätta rörelser,
Reiðr, för bekväma färder.


Number: 5

Phonetic Value: R

Literal Meaning: Riding

Associations: Journey, Swiftness, Right Action


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