En gåva ger jag,
till en vän som är god.
En vänskap med vor är glad.
Nu vinner jag ära,
och en vän i strid.
En svartsjuk mann växer sorgsen.
Gebo är strid-ekens skydd.

The gifts of prosperity are not to be hoarded, but to be given and spread while they grace oneself. The miser burns his bridges with his jealousy as the torch, and is alone when wealth leaves him.

“Those who are generous  and brave live best,
and seldom nurse anxiety;
but a fearful man  is frightened by all,
and the miser mourns what he gives.”
-Hávamál: 48

Generosity is the path of companionship, and gifts should be given in equal measure. A gift for a gift makes a friendship strong, but too much from one will lead the other to feel inadequate, and soon bitter. One should not let poor treatment go unaddressed, but repay with equal measure, that the other’s actions may be revealed to him.

“To his friends a man  shall always be a friend,
and return gift for gift.
Laughter for laughter  let him return,
and falsehood for lies.”
– Hávamál: 42

Honor is the reward of generosity, and hospitality is the beginning of the road. Do not turn away a stranger or guest, but welcome them, and you will be welcomed later among others.

“Gift of generosity is credit and honor,
supports dignity and glory,
and helps outcasts who are deprived of them.”
-Anglo-Saxon rune poem

En gåva ger jag,
till en vän som är god.
En vänskap med vor är glad.
Nu vinner jag ära,
och en vän i strid.
En svartsjuk mann växer sorgsen.
Gebo är strid-ekens skydd.


Number: 7

Phonetic Value: G

Literal Meaning: Gift

Associations: Honor, generosity, friendship, support


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