Vem ska sjunga om mitt namn,
när är jag död?
Jag har kommit för att utra.
Man ska lever,
man ska dör.
Sitt arv, dock, ska aldrig .
Sin storhet ska leva länge.


MannaR is the core of man, the very essence of the human being. It holds within it the mightiest victories, and the grimmest failures. Man is born of the earth, sustained by the earth, and when the life within ceases and the spirit departs, man returns to the earth. For all successes gained, for all losses sustained, man returns to the land from whence he came. Death takes him, like the claws of the hunting hawk. And as the hawk flies up again from the land, the spirit transcends this time and space, to move between worlds.

“Man is earth’s increase.
Mighty is the claw of the hawk.”
-Norwegian rune poem

MannaR shows the value of kinship, for without others man’s existence is desolate, wasted in despair. Though man is destined for the earth once more, it is through kinship and joy that a life’s worth is made. By his reputation and his achievements his name lives on long after he himself departs. The legendary mariners have yet to be forgotten; the explorers who went by sea to discover new lands, and the warriors who have defended their lands at home. Man is made by his actions, and held up by his kin.

“Man is the delight of man,
earth’s increase,
-Icelandic rune poem

Though great potential does man carry, failure is bound to come, whether in a day or a year. To trust another is to risk one’s own prosperity. There is merit in this risk, when taken in good measure. To put everything upon another in total dependence is blindness, and failure will one day come, bringing ruin to the one who would not stand upon their own two feet. MannaR is the human condition, for better or worse.

“Man is dear to his friends; yet bound to fail his fellows,
because the Lord has decided that the wretched flesh,
is committed to the earth.”
-Anglo-Saxon rune poem


Vem ska sjunga om mitt namn,
när är jag död?
Jag har kommit för att utra.
Man ska lever,
man ska dör.
Sitt arv, dock, ska aldrig .
Sin storhet ska leva länge.


Number: 20

Phonetic Value: M

Literal Meaning: Man (Human)

Associations: Friendship, failure, potential, earthly remains, death.


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