Om mig (About)

Name: William Goetz

Heritage: While I am primarily of German heritage (~3/4), the part of my heritage which I feel closest to is the Scandinavian part (1/4), which is half Swedish and half Norwegian. There is apparently a slight sprinkling of Welsh and/or Scottish in there, but it’s almost negligible.

Age: 25

Location: Western Washington

Religious Views: I consider myself a Heathen with some pantheistic views. I consider Yggdrasil to be the divine sum total of all nature, which is eternal and forever cycling. From there, I am largely Ásatrú (though I prefer the term Forn Sed or Asatro, as I am personally focusing on the Swedish brand of Heathenry) and I honor the gods of my more distant ancestors. I am closest to Oden and Tor, and I worship Skade quite a bit as well. I don’t often discuss it, but I will also still honor Jesus (or Yeshua because it sounds better) every now and then as one of my gods, as I grew up honoring him, even though I don’t believe in the religion founded around him. If you’re skeptical of this, research the Swedish heathens’ interaction with him during the early conversion period, where many people would simply add him in as a new god among the rest.

Interests: Historical reenactment and education, vikings, runes, nature, ecology, hiking, mythology, philosophy, photography, music, and some other things. I have been studying and practicing with runes for about 3-4 years now and have recently begun some heavier meditation with them. I practice divination by runes as well as runic galdr, and I try to provide educational material and sources about them at least somewhat regularly, both mystical and academic (or secular, for lack of a better word). I am also involved with a non-profit historical education and reenactment group called Castra Ferrata; it began as a Roman-focused group, but has expanded to include Celtic, Continental Germanic and, since my joining, Norse cultures. I currently lead the Norse group which was formed under it, called Jarnborg (“Iron Village” in Old Norse).

Occupation: I am self-employed as a leather worker while attending university and I run Hunter’s Moon Leathercraft. I primarily make leather armor and drinking horns, but I also make some smaller items like bracelets and Mjölnir pendants.

Education: I am currently attending University of Washington Tacoma in order to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with a focus in Restoration Ecology. I have an Associate in Science degree in Physics & Engineering, which I obtained prior to changing my mind on my desired career field. I also have a good chunk of formal education in Spanish and am teaching myself Swedish.


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