Hedniska Högtider (Heathen Festivals)

This page will feature posts on the holidays commonly featured in Heathen traditions. Note that since my practice is more in line with Swedish Forn Sed, I may not write much on certain holidays. That does not mean that I do not care, but I have not done much research on some of the others. 😉

Also, while I give notes on the primary areas where these holidays are observed, that does not mean that they are strictly limited to those places; it rather means that the source material on these holidays is primarily centered there, and that they were mostly practiced there traditionally. It is also there to dispel the erroneous notion that there is a sort of pan-Germanic calendar of holidays, which has become popular in some groups. I also do not mention America, Canada, Australia, etc. in these notes because they are so mixed and matched among different groups that it is impossible to organize it in such a way. As a final note, * denotes a festival which is modern in origin.

An Overview of Blót

December/January: Jólablót (Yule)

January: Þórrablót (Iceland)

Febuary: Disablot (Sweden)
Charming of the Plow

April: Sigrblót (Scandinavia)
*Várblót (Scandinavia)
Ostara (UK and Germany)
Walpurgisnacht (Germany; later spread to Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Estonia) **Not actually Heathen in origin, but still celebrated there.

May: *Majblot (Sweden))
Hela (Finland, Estonia)

June: Midsommarblot (Midsummer)

August: *Skördeblot (Sweden)

September: *Höstblot (Scandinavia)

October: Dísablót (Iceland, Norway, Denmark)
Winternights (Scandinavia)
Kekri (Finland, Estonia)

October/November: Alvablot (Sweden)

November-December (6 weeks): ­*Årsväntan (Sweden)

Weekly, Thursday-Friday: *Torshelgd (Sweden)


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